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SriMa International Yoga School
SriMa International School in Delhi is among the most popular Yoga schools in the world.Students get to learn Yoga at first hand from Swami Vidyanand.At the School in Delhi, students aspiring to become teachers can benefit by learning directly from Swami Vidyanand. Courses are offered at all levels from the Basic 100 level program to the Master's Level 500-level program. Additionally, the School now offers a Meditation teachers program, where the emphasis is on helping students teach meditation. The Certificates for successful candidates will be issued by Yoga Alliance International, and are recognized world-wide by various Yoga Associations. The teaching at the School is personalized, and flexible. There are usually only 6-10 students per batch, and everyone who joins is assured of individual attention.
Welcome to Yoga Alliance India
Yoga Alliance India
Written by K.M.Chandrashekaran   
Saturday, 07 July 2007 15:24

Yoga Alliance India, a division of Yoga Alliance International, registers both individual yoga teachers and yoga teacher training programs (schools) who have complied with minimum educational standards, established by Yoga Alliance India International.

Please review our website to locate registered teachers and schools, and for information and application to register with Yoga Alliance India. All institutions in India certified by Yoga Alliance International are automatically given accreditation with Yoga Alliance India.

Institutions in India  certified by Yoga Alliance International include the following:

Akshar Power Yoga, Bengaluru

Arsha Yoga in Kerala

Aryan Yoga & Reiki Center

Atri Yoga Centre, Rishikesh

Bhagsu Yoga Centre

Health & Ayurveda Centre in Goa


Integral Psycho-Yoga & Holistic Health Association in Kerala

Maa Shakti Yoga Centre

Maharshi Yoga Vihar Foundation (Rishikesh, Dharamsala, Goa)

Mahi Power Yoga in Dharamsala and Goa

Oceanic Yoga Centre, Goa

Om Yoga Centre

Rishikesh School of Yoga

Sangam Yoga Retreat

Santhi Yoga in Kerala

Satyananda Yoga at Vizag

Seema Sondhi The Yoga Studio in New Delhi

Shivayogapeeth - Yoga in Rishikesh

Shreyas Yoga

Shrimath Yoga Retreat in Bangalore

Siddhartha Yoga Centre in Dharamsala

Sivasoorya, Kerala

SriMa International School of Transformational Integral Hatha Yoga New Delhi India

Yoga Maa Shakti in Goa

Yoga Orientation for Global Alliance, Mumbai

Yoga Vatika in Rajasthan

Mystic Yoga Studio, Kolkata




Yoga Alliance India supports Yoga teachers from all over India and the diversity and integrity of yogic practices everywhere.


Our mission is to:

  • lead the Yoga community
  • set standards
  • foster integrity
  • provide resources
  • uphold the teachings of yoga


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Our Objectives
Written by K.M.Chandrashekaran   
Saturday, 07 July 2007 15:24

Our Aim is to:

  • adhere to internationally recommended educational standards for yoga teachers.

  • maintain a register of yoga schools and teachers who meet the international recommended educational standards.

  • expand teaching opportunities for yoga teachers.

  • honour and support the diversity of all yoga practices.

  • educate the public about the benefits of yoga and the minimum standards for yoga teachers.

  • provide recognition to yoga schools and teachers.

  • organize yoga conferences and other events in India.

  • organize yoga in India and other parts in world.
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Transformational Yoga
Written by K.M.Chandrashekaran   
Saturday, 07 July 2007 15:24

Transformational Yoga is an innovative Yoga system  integrating several forms of Yoga. Transformational yoga focuses on the seven chakras, the five bodies, and the prana networks . This integral approach therefore increases the benefits that can be realized with each separate Yoga technique and brings focus and balance to  the many levels of our beings.

We define Transformational Yoga as the process of awakening of the supreme consciousness in us by relaxation, cleansing of toxins and a generation of energy in the physical, emotional, mental and psychic planes of our being (or bodies) and the process of connection of this energy with our pure planes of consciousness (the spiritual body). 

Through Transformational Yoga we purify all four bodies, connect the energies and directly open the gate to the spiritual body. The transformation happens when we stop living exclusively in our outer reality and enter our center, and when we become established and draw the supreme consciousness into our outer levels of beings. This state is characterized by  good health, emotional and mental focus and spiritual clarity. 

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Yoga Teacher's Training Courses
Written by K.M.Chandrashekaran   
Saturday, 07 July 2007 15:24

Yoga Alliance India offers certified unique Yoga Teacher's Training Courses developed by Swami Vidyanand. These unique training programs for yoga teachers, where the focus - at whatever level - whether Basic, Intermediate or Advanced - is on developing harmony throughout one's being.

This approach not only helps develop yoga professionals, but also gives sincere practitioners the skills of personal discipline and holistic flexibility. All participants will find that every course is a profound, personal experience. The student will develop a strong foundation for teaching others, in addition to strengthening one's own yoga practice with self-discipline and awareness. On graduation from the course, students will receive a certificate of qualification.

New batches commence on the 2nd of every month.

Fees for courses:

  • 10 day, 100 hour Basic-Level Yoga Teachers Training Course in Delhi: Euro 500/=  or equivalent Indian rupees

  • 20 day, 200 hour Intermediate-Level Yoga Teachers Training Course in Delhi: Euro 1000/=  or equivalent Indian rupees

  • 30 day, 500 hour Master-level Yoga Teachers Training Course in Delhi: Euro 1500/= or  equivalent Indian rupees

(Fees exclude accomodation and food)

Special Concessional Fees for Indian citizens

For details, please email us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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